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The glasses were received and, of course, are perfect!

After my glasses get a Jodie tuneup, it feels like I’ve had a
haircut, a manicure, my shoes shined, and a new suit all on
the same day!



Jodie and my new Kazuo Kawasaki glasses are like Mary Poppins — PERFECT in every way!




“I had long admired Sarah Palin’s glasses but was apprehensive about buying online.  I did extensive research on the internet and then discovered East Millcreek Eyewear.  I had never worn progressive glasses before, but I was tired of losing my readers all over the hospital where I work.  I don’t need glasses for distance, so I had my eyes examined locally on Long Island, NY and bought my first set of progressives where I had my eyes examined.  I wanted to make sure that I could adjust to progressives (I had heard horror stories).  However, I could not get the Kazuo’s out of my mind.  I called Jodie from Long Island who at the end of a day (it was late when I called) still answered the phone with such a welcoming tone.  I had many questions which were answered to my total satisfaction.  She alleviated so many of my fears.  I had total trust in her and placed my order.  She said it would take about two weeks, but to my surprise the glasses arrived a week later.  They are incredibly lightweight.  I don’t even know they are there.  People at work are admiring them.  I will be ordering from Jodie again.  She understands the concepts of customer service and service excellence.  Kudos!!”


Hello Jodie,


I received my eyewear today and am very pleased.  The glasses are not only very comfortable, they are gorgeous, the lenses are crystal clear. 

There was a slight but important oversight at the factory in that they did not return the large red cleaning cloth.  I especially liked the large cloth as it not only protected the glasses inside the case but was handy for storing the k-klips inside the case when not in use, and it was ample sized for cleaning. 


Thank you so much for your excellent attention to detail.  I really appreciate your professionalism. 




Hi Jodie,

My glasses arrived yesterday they're wonderful thanks a lot .

- Cathy from Canada



I just got ‘em and put ‘em on!


The size is perfect!

The fit is perfect - no need for even the most minor adjustment!

The RX is perfect!


The look is perfect!


You’re perfect!

Thank you for such a wonderful experience in getting my news specs!






Dear Jodie,

I was at a loss when I discovered that no optometrist in the San Francisco Bay Area carried the Kazuo Kawasaki frames.  It was certainly as a last resort that I turned to the computer and East Millcreek Eyewear for a new pair of eye glasses that were going to be very expensive.  I could not believe the how helpful, cooperative and reliable you were.  Talking to you put my concerns to rest.  But to top it all off, when I received the eye glasses I was absolutely overjoyed to discover that the correction in the lenses was perfect and the frames fit without any adjustment.  Thank you very much.  I will indeed be contacting you again.

Very truly yours,

Joseph Goldman


After a couple of months I just can’t tell you how great my glasses are!!! I know I’ve already told you.. but I just had to tell you again.

Michael G.




Hello Jodi,


I called Saturday before you opened I guess. I did not want too much time to pass before I contacted you to thank you very much for my awesome glasses. I love the shades as well. Even your packaging is a treat. I am wishing you and your daughter much success. I have worn glasses for 58 years and never have loved any of them like I do the three pair that I have from you. Thank you. Have a wonderful summer.

Denise M.




Hi Jodie!


My glasses arrived yesterday! I LOVE them! ...above and beyond. I am so grateful! THANK YOU! I really like the Transitions addition. What a brilliant invention!! ... I’m so appreciative! You do GREAT work! THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!!



Allison C.


Good Morning, Jodie


I just returned home after being gone for a few days!  My glasses were waiting here at home!  I love them and they feel good!  They look good as new!  You did an awesome job!  Thank you!


Donna Wesnitzer






I just wanted to let you know how terrific your service has been.


You not only offer excellent prices, but also some of the best, and most positive, service I have received from any store, no matter the product.


I look forward to purchasing from you again many times in the future.

All the best,


Ivan (form NY and purchaser of Kazuo Kawaskai frames)


The glasses arrived probably in Saturday’s mail, which I didn’t pick up til late Sunday night.  They are absolutely WONDERFUL straight out of the box, no adjustments, beautifully clear vision, even wearing them going up & down stairs.  You’re right, the 1.60 lens weight is completely unnoticeable.

Thanks for saving me $$$!!!


-Deb Bouchette




I received my glasses on Friday.  Great job—the nose pad on the right doesn’t hurt and leave deep red marks anymore. 


Really appreciate the quick turnaround and most of all great work.  I’m sure I’ll be calling upon your services again.


–Karen Yoneda




Jodie, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

- Olga





Thanks for the good service in replacing the lenses on my eyeglasses. I appreciate the rapid turnaround and quality work.
-Med Durel





I am so happy with your "mcGuyver" job on my glasses! And the replacement kit! You resurrected these glasses when I really thought they'd be beyond hope!  


You most definitely will get a recommendation from me and I may be sending a new customer your way very soon. And of course, you'll be making my next pair! I can't thank you enough!!!  


Kindest regards, 

Sandra Knight




Hi Jodie!  


They have arrived!  I can go back to being starry-eyed again!  Seriously, I can see very well with these and couldn’t be happier.  You have done it again….and I am truly grateful.  Many thank-yous from the Eternal City…though far away,  you have made me feel like family.  Nice indeed.  


Best regards,  John




My new Kazuo eyeglasses arrived this afternoon. They look great and my vision with this newest prescription is clear & sharp.


I'm happy I found EME and you'll have a customer for life for any and all of my future eyewear needs!



John Tiesling

Montgomery, AL.


Hi Jodie,


I received my new Kazuo Kawasaki Frames today in the mail! I absolutely love them!  The extra 1mm on each side made a huge difference! I ordered the matte gold which I thought was what I had but my old ones are shiny gold...but I really like the matte gold! I can't believe how easy you made the process! What a pleasure to work with you! Thank you very much!



Christine Geller






Got my glasses today. They are perfect! Many thanks.

You will get all my Kawasaki glasses from now on.


Warmest regards,

Steven D.



Hi Jodie,


Got my glasses today and I'm a happy man.

They are beautiful and I'm delighted.


It's exactly what I wanted.

Thank you so much.


Patrick Turgeon 



Hi Jodie, 


I received the glasses today and couldn’t be more delighted with the results! They are perfect in all respects, and I can only attribute that to your personal attention, skill, and dedication. 


You made this experience personal.  Even though it was an online transaction, I felt like I could have been right there in your studio.  I guess I would call it ‘online plus’….very very nice…very very rare in today’s frenzied world  Most appreciated!


Can’t thank you enough! Best wishes from Rome. –John






I must say these are a really, really nice pair of glasses! They are so light weight; it doesn’t even feel like I’ wearing glasses.  I am really happy with the progressive lenses. The quality of my vision is so much clearer with this upgrade to the Varilux Physio.


The glasses are gorgeous.  They look great on me (in my humble opinion!)  Workmanship and quality of the frames and lenses is top-of-the-line.  I could not be happier with that!  


Your customer service and invaluable assistance in getting this order processed beginning with the frame selection, to shipping me tow choices, to lab processing was exceptional. 


THANK YOU for all your help and guidance.  Your expertise in your area is evident that you can service my optical needs from far away SLC!  I am a very satisfied customer and look forward to working with you again on my next pair of glasses.





Love these glasses! And I think the prescription is better than on my lens crafters. Thanks for all your help in making this happen. A pair of glasses I like! 

You guys do great work. I think this may be the last pair of glasses I ever buy. 






Hi Jodie, 

I received my glassed today, they are so wonderful, I was so happy, I almost started crying. My husband

said it does not take much to make you happy. I said oh but this was alot. God just put this website in 

front of me, so that I could have my glassed fixed. 

Thank you so very much for your kindness, your word, your compassion and ability to fix my glasses. 

You did everything just as you said you would, that is a blessing. 

I have them on now, they feel great. 


Have a wonderful evening. 



Kathy J. Goolsby




Hello Jodie, I have been very busy over the past week and have not had time to thank you for the wonderful job you did on re-building my Kawasakia glasses.


I could not believe my eyes upon opening your box and finding what appeared to be a new pair of glasses. You are a miracle worker and I sincerely appreciate your polite, professional and fast service.


You guys are the greatest and I will be back.


Richard Suratt

N. Palm Beach, FL

OH MY G-D!! I don't know how you did it, but these are the most perfect glasses I have ever put on my face! The fit is perfect, the Rx is spot on...and so gorgeous! I was terrified to open the box.... I don't have that kind of luck.  You can't imagine my surprise when they were perfect! My eyeglass place never did this kind of work. And the frames are beyond beautiful.  We will do business again! 

-Marilynne Troiano 

New Windsor, NY


Hello, Jodie!


I got my ‘renewed’ Kazuo Kawasaki glasses back today—so fast!


They had been loose and wobbly and sliding down my nose, and now they are as perfect as new after your ‘Tune Up.’ Didn’t even need any bending or adjustment at all.


I was so glad to find your company after my optician retired; I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep going with my favorite frame, but you made them new again.


I also appreciate how simple and fast the service was; they got to you on June 6th, all the way across the country, and here they are again on June 9th.


Again, thanks!

Paul H.



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